Monday, January 29, 2007

The Beginning

Everything starts with a beginning, and this is the beginning of this blog.

Let me start by sharing my intention for this page : To, in as many ways as i can, open people up the enormity, the beauty of the world we live in. It's boundless ways of amazing us, both for the good and the bad. You see, there is so much more to this world than most realize, and for the most part that is all down to perspective. I intend to share as much of mine as i can.

Let me give you the quick rundown of the name 'Lumukanda' and how i came about it. In South Africa there is a man named Credo Mutwa, a very wise man, a Zulu 'Sanusi', the highest order of the African shamans. He is charged as keeper of the wisdom of the Zulu nation. Amongst the many books he has written, 'Indbaba, My Children' stands out the most. The word 'indaba' is used by the Xhosa and Zulu people of South Africa, and means 'and important conference', the aim being to discuss a certain topic.

Amongst the many great stories in that book, alongside the story of the little spark, the Goddess MA, the great tyrant Zha-ha-rrelel, the union of Amarava, last of the red people and Odu, the last of the Bjuaani, is the story of Lumukanda, the Rebel Slave, the Blind God.

A long time ago, somewhere in Africa, a strange vessel was discovered on the Zambezi River, a ship bigger than anything the people had ever seen. Aboard were strange people, the Ma-Iti, as they became known, strange people with 'pink skin' and 'hair like the mane of a lion'.
It didn't take long before the Ma-Iti started leaving 'gifts' on the riverbank in exchange for food. Not much longer after that, the Ma-Iti began leaving weapons made metal, unknown in Africa at the time, on the riverbank, and as these stories usually go, one chief struck a deal, and gained a large amount of these weapons. This made him very powerful, and it wasn't long before he began using his power to conquer all the neigbouring tribes and in time he was the sole chief for the entire land, all the other being long conquered.
It was at this time that the Ma-Iti came ashore and marched on the chief's kraal, might battle ensued, but the chief and his men were no match for the experienced Ma-Iti warriors, and he soon fell. The Ma-Iti had conquered the last remaining chief and now ruled the land he once did.

Africa's first enslavement had begun.

From this enslavement, Lumukanda was born, and it was in his time that he rebelled, and brough the Ma-Iti to their knees. He saved his people, but while fleeing the Ma-Iti, he came across the Goddess Ma, she took him as his lover, and in the process, he lost his sight.
As time wore on, he became known as the last Immortal, fearless and feared, putting someone in the pot was not above him.

I think to all of us in the world these days it is obvious that something is wrong, things don't ring true, wars are erupting all over the globe, from West to East, climate change is reshaping our world, religious extremists on all sides are poisoning people's minds with hatred, global corporations, with their commercial propaganda and their useless products are choking the imagination and the life out of not only children, but adults too.
It has become patently obvious in this world that their is a serious lack of love and respect for our fellow man. It is a sign of fear, fear that is purposefully sown amongst us, to divide us, to keep us quiet, to keep is in control, because there is nothing more threatening to the powers that be, than a unified, informed people, ready to act on their word, with no fear. Fear is their key, Love is ours.

Let us no longer stand by and watch our world being taken away from us, let us be rebel slaves in a time when a rebel is needed, and let us be blind gods, knowing our true nature, and acting objectively, blind, except to the true message of love.